Our USPs

Day Boarding: Holistic Education-For The Leaders Of Tomorrow

DPS KIDSZONE, Rau has the concept of Day Boarding for students to feel a home away from home. All requisites are provided to children so that they grow into a responsible and healthy individual. We emphasize on the complementary role of physical as well as other personality enhancing activities. We focus on Holistic Development of Students keeping intact the humane values.

Bag less school with Mother Teacher concept

Heavy bags are not only a burden on the child`s shoulder but also a burden on his/her mind and that of the parents.  DPS KIDSZONE is introducing the concept of bagless school, so that the students can have more quality time with the parents.  Learning would be fun filled.

Generation Smart Class

Our classes are equipped with IV Generation interactive smart boards with TATA edge educational software which encourages creative thinking, problem solving and decision making in the students.

Fun and Fitness (Sports):

Health and physical education is an essential component of the school curriculum. Keeping this in mind we have various sports activities. The outdoor activities and academic themes are intertwined with each other and they aim for overall developments of the child. The activities are planned keeping in mind their tender age and developmental stages. All activities are conducted in a very safe, age appropriate environment.

Montessori Lab

Our School is well equipped with Montessori Lab. The Montessori labs helps each child develop the  social, emotional and academic skills, focuses on key developmental stages and encourages cooperative play curriculum focused on hands-on learning.

VIBGYOR- The Activity  Legroom

A vibrant room full of conceptual toys, pictures, models, toys, equipment and puzzles with a soothing environment.It helps to develop the fine and gross motor skills.


The students are provided with nutritious and sumptuous breakfast, lunch and snacks during the school hours.

Heal ‘N’ Care

The Clinic is situated at the Ground Floor. While playing in the ground children may get hurt which is a part of their learning process and for the same we have Heal ‘N’ Care with Doctor and Nurse available to look after the students during school hours.

Eutony – The Library

A galaxy full of pop up, pictorial, thematic story and reading books.

Children experience a feeling of entering the space being an astronaut where the wall describes (the Solar system).Story telling sessions are conducted with the help of toys, flashcard and hand puppets. To instill the habit of reading books the toddlers are issued library books on weekly basis.