Extra Curricular Facilities

Children become confident with self-esteem and are able to form good relationships with the peer group as well as adults. Children at Kidszone learn how to work independently and as a part of a group with their experience in being able to concentrate and persevere in their learning and to seek help where needed. They are eager to become knowledge explorers and show ability to initiate new ideas and to solve simple practical problems. They demonstrate independence in dressing, personal hygiene and selecting an activity or resources. They express their feelings and behave in appropriate ways with an understanding of what is right or wrong and why. They develop respect for cultural beliefs of their own and also of others. This plays a significant role in their personality development.

A plethora of activities are designed for the children to relate to the themes being done. The competitions are planned keeping in mind the overall development of the child in the various spheres of learning. Events and Celebrations planned throughout the session gives them an opportunity to face the crowd and express themselves. Sessions on grooming are conducted periodically.